By-Laws, Mission Statement, and Purpose 2010


Section I:
Name The name of the association shall be the Mid-Hudson Dental Hygienists’ Association (Mid-Hudson DHA).

Section 2. Definition: 
This association is a component of the Dental Hygienists Association
Of   the state of New York; (DHASNY) which itself is a constituent of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA). The rights and duties of this component are set forth in the by-laws of ADHA, DHASNY and Mid-Hudson DHA.

Article II:

Section 1. Purpose:  
The purposes of this Association shall be improve the oral health of the public; and advance the art and science of dental hygiene; to maintain the highest standards of dental hygiene and practice, to represent and protect the interest of the dental hygiene profession; to improve the professionalism competence of the dental hygienist; to foster research in oral health research; to provide professional communications; and to conduct other activities as may be permitted by the State of New York to carry out the purposes of this association.

Section 2. Mission: 
To improve the public’s total health, the mission of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association is to advance the art and science to quality oral health care, promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure and practice, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygienists all in a manner consistent with the Code of Ethics of the ADHA.


Section I: Membership 
The members of this association is composed of members of the ADHA, who are licensed, practicing or residing in New York state, together with such other members are authorized in the by-laws of this association.

Section 2: Classification of Members  
Members shall meet the following requirements and the ADHA House of Delegates may establish such other uniform requirement as.

                A. Voting Members:

  1. Active Members:

Any ethical hygienist who possesses a certificate or degree by an accredited school of dental hygiene and who is licensed to practice in the state of or territory of the United States and who is a member of the ADHA and DHASNY and whose dues arepayable to this association.

2. Life Members: 
Any active member who has made outstanding contributions to dental hygiene and to this association shall be eligible for Life Membership upon nomination and election by a majority vote of quorum of members.

                3. Retired/Senior Members: 
Any active member who has reached the age of sixty-two (62) years and has been an Active member for at least (1) 25 years, (2) 20 consecutive years, or (3) continuously from the date of eligibility shall be eligible for Retired/Senior Membership upon application to ADHA.

4. Members with Disabilities: 
Any dental hygienist who has a disability, has been a voting member and is prohibited from being employed due to the person’s disability shall be eligible for Members with Disabilities Membership upon application to ADHA.

B. Non-Voting Members

  1. Supporting Members:

Any licensed dental hygienist who is not employed in a dental related career, and who agrees to adhere to the bylaws and Code of Ethics of the associations, shall be eligible for Supporting Membership upon application to ADHA.

  1. Allied Members:

 Any individual who supports the purposes and mission of the Association, and who is not otherwise qualified for any other class of membership shall be eligible for Allied Membership upon application to ADHA.

Section 3: Privileges of Members

  1. Voting Members shall have the right to vote, hold office, be elected as delegate or alternate to the DHASNY House of Delegates be elected or appointed to any office, board, council or committee of the association.


B.    Non-Voting members shall have such privileges, as the DHASNY House of Delegates shall determine, but shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Section 4: Resignation
A member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit such resignation in writing to the ADHA. No members’ resignation shall be accepted until all prior dues, fees, and assessments are paid.

Section 5: Non-Payment
If a member fails to pay dues, fees, or assessments within 30 days from the time they become due, or ceases to be a member of ADHA or other organization required for membership in the Association will automatically terminate.

Section 6: Reinstatement
Any member having resigned from membership may be reinstated upon application to ADHA.

Section 7:  Loss of Membership     
Any member who has resigned, or whose membership has been terminated by ADHA or  DHASNY shall cease to be a member of this association.

Section 8:  DUES
The executive board shall establish the amount of dues, fees and assessments for any class of    membership in the Association. A majority vote of the present shall be required for approval of any dues change. No dues shall be refunded.


Section 1: 
The Elected officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, District Director, Alternate Delegate, and delegates to DHASNY.

Section 2:
The Executive Board, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President may also include Newsletter editor, committee chairpersons, and delegates to DHASNY, when present at board meetings.

Section 3: Qualifications:  
All elected officers shall be voting members.

Section 4:  Elections: 
Elections shall be held at last meeting of the year. A majority vote of those present shall fill the office.

Section 5: Term of Office: 
The term of office shall be a 12- month period commencing at the time of election. An officer may serve two consecutive one year terms or until a successor is named.

Section 6: Vacancies: 
In the event the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President assumes the duties of the President, the Secretary assumes the duties of the Vice-President, the Treasurer shall become Secretary-Treasurer, or the Secretary shall become the Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 7: Resignation:
Any elected officer may resign by submitting that resignation in writing to the executive board.

Section 8: Removal:
Any elected officer may be removed for cause: Sufficient cause for such removal may be violation of the by-laws, the Code of Ethics, or any lawful rule, practice, or procedure adopted by the Association or any other conduct deemed by the executive board to be prejudicial to the best interest of the Association. Applicable state law and legal council may be considered.

Section 9: Compensation: 
No elected officer shall receive compensation for services as an officer; the officers may authorize however reimbursement of expenses occurred in the performance of their duties for the Association.


Section 1.  General Duties:  
Officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the Parliamentary Authority adopted by the Association.

Section 2.  President:
The President shall have general supervision and direction of all officers of the Association, shall be the chair of the executive board, shall appoint with approval of the executive board, all chairs and members of committees, preside at all business meetings, give notice of meetings and conduct appropriate correspondence of the Association.

Section 3. President-Elect:
The President-Elect shall assist the current President as needed, while becoming familiar with the responsibilities of the Presidency. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President, and shall serve as  President during the remainder of the term should the office of President become vacant. At the end of a one-year term as President-Elect, he/she assumes the position of President of the association. In the event that no one runs for the office of President-Elect, the office will be vacant and the current President will remain in office if elected again.

Section 4. Vice-President: 
The Vice-President shall have such powers and duties may be determined by the executive board or the President, assist the President as requested, presides in the absence of the President, automatically succeeds the President if vacancy occurs.

Section 5. Secretary: 
The Secretary shall; record the minutes of the meetings and assist the President as requested.

Section 6. Treasurer: 
The Treasurer shall consult with the President concerning books and financial records in ascertaining in the financial condition of the Association, shall be attentive to fiscal matters, be custodian of all monies, provide financial statements regularly, and disperse funds and shall have other duties as may be determined by the executive board or the President.


The executive board shall determine the appointments, qualifications and duties of any appointed officers.

Section 1: 
At least four (4) scheduled meetings will be held during the calendar year of the Association.

Section 2:
Special meetings shall be held at any time upon a majority vote of the executive board or the majority vote by voting members.

Section 3: Quorum  
a quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting members registered to attend any meeting or reply to any mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail vote. A majority of the voting members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum of the Board


Section 1:
Special Committees shall be appointed as needed and shall terminate upon completion of the task for which they were established.

Section 2: 
The President shall appoint committee chairpersons.

Section 3: 
The officers of this Association shall preauthorize special meeting expenses.


Section 1.  District Director:
The District Director shall attend meetings of the DHASNY Board of Directors as scheduled by that body. The Director shall submit a written report to the members immediately after such meetings, represent the Association on that Board, partake in its activities and vote on matters concerning DHASNY and this Association. The district director is elected by a majority vote of the members of the district shall serve a two year term according to the bylaws of DHASNY. The District Director is a member of this Association’s executive board.

Section 2.  Duties:
It shall be the duty of the Delegate and Alternate Delegate to represent this Association at the Annual Meeting of DHASNY and those duties and responsibilities listed in the by-laws of DHASNY.

Section 3: Delegate (s) and Alternate Delegate (s) to DHASNY House of Delegates:
Delegates and Alternate delegates must be voting members of this Association and shall serve one-year term.

Section 4: Vacancies
In the event of a vacancy among delegates, the alternate delegate receiving the highest number of votes shall be appointed first to fill the vacancy; further appointment of vacancies shall be made in order the votes were received.


This Association shall use its funds only to accomplish the Purposes and Mission stated in these by-laws and no part of its funds shall inure or be distributed to or among its members, but after payment of all indebtedness, its surplus funds and properties shall be disposed of according to the by-laws of DHASNY and ADHA.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the authority for procedures not covered in the bylaws of the Association.



The Constitution and Bylaws of this Association shall not be in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of ADHA, which shall be the supreme law of the Association. A current copy of these bylaws shall be on file Executive Director of ADHA.


These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the voting members present at an announced business meeting or may be conducted through a write-in, fax or e-mail procedure.



Section 1: Professional Conduct: 
Each member of the ADHA, DHASNY, and Mid-Hudson DHA has the ethical obligation to subscribe to the “Code of Ethics”.

Section 2: Discipline of Members: 
Rules governing conduct subject to disciplinary measures and the Officers of the Association shall determine disciplinary procedures


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